Safety comes first in everything we do.

Keen Project Solutions LLC is deeply committed to and invests in our Safety Program to benefit our customer’s and employee’s safety.  Safety comes first in everything we do, having a comprehensive approach to safety is just good business.  We recognize as an industrial contractor we work in high risk environments and must be good safety stewards every day as we interact with and perform work throughout our customer’s facilities.  Our approach to safety is not something we take casually nor can we let down at any point as conditions and processes are continually changing.  Our team makes a point to revisit our safety plans, the hazards and the precautions we are taking to safely execute work on a routine basis.

At Keen, we are deeply committed to and invested in our Customer’s and Employee’s safety. Safety plans and reviews are a part of every day for us.  We start with new employee safety orientations for all new hires.  These orientations include calling attention to high risk activities, promoting our philosophy and our safety policies and procedures, to underscore safety expectations of employees and all personnel on our projects. All employees are provided with their own personal safety materials.

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